About Us

Company Overview

HEKMAN’s major goal is to to promote an integrated approach to identifying, capturing,
evaluating, retrieving and sharing all of an organization intellectual assets including previously
uncaptured expertise and experience in individual workers. To achieve this goal, HEKMAN will draw
heavily on past health knowledge experiences of its management team.

Strategic Focus

HEKMAN’s strategic areas of focus include:-
 Knowledge Access Advocacy
 Knowledge sharing
 Capacity Development
 Organizational Performance & Operations
 Partnerships, collaboration and communication
 Monitoring and Evaluation
 Resource Mobilization


HEKMAN provides knowledge management consulting services to empower human resource
for health to capture, create, develop, share, store and reuse knowledge effectively to improve
health services. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive
knowledge in information and knowledge management makes HEKMAN the ideal choice for
a consulting firm to manage the implementation of health knowledge management in health


HEKMAN is managed by a skilled and experienced health information and knowledge
management professional team whose offices are located in Nairobi, Kenya.